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Red Wine | Dragos Cirjan
Red Wine – Dragos Cirjan
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It’s been a while since dreams…

I see myself with a pencil in my hand, while
white sheets are laying in front of my eyes…
Yet every time I end up throwing everything
in a humiliating rage! Blank!

It’s been a while! Maybe I exaggerated holding your hand
in that bright afternoon, while walking in the park
Maybe… I just refuse to see what is in front of me


It’s been so long since we’ve been able to talk;
So long that I wonder yet again what you see in front of you
I even realized that I was aiming  too high and
that the perfume from your hands, now laying on mine,
its almost like a bless – such a small gift for a crazy man

It’s been so long since the first glass of wine,
or the glass of coke, or… since the world, as I see now
Yet there’s one world, one small universe, I’m still so far from
and I’m almost frightened I will never get to know


l know I’ve told you that for this next poem
l’m waiting for the right music;
Well… I haven’t found it. It seems l am unable
To feel other music than the one you
Somehow manage to feed me

No matter how far you are…

l wonder… If I’ll try to steall from you
This precious gift I crave so much for

I’m going back to the stars…

So! I think it’s time I quit talking babbles; even though
I’m pretty sure that every word I’m saying is like
an open book to you; like you are to me when I’m around you

It’s time I put this in the words of a man; not a lover
not a story teller; not a boy and certainly not a poet –
Poets are shallow these days… natural deceivers
So I’ll try to put this story in my own words.

There’s not a moment going by, that I don’t think of you


He dreamt he rose her in his arms
Sorounded by the blossom trees
Her eyes were raining happiness
And she was gazing so in love…

He dreamt the passion of a kiss
A moment longer than Forever
yet this was all a dream of wine
And none of this would be…

Do you think of me?

you give me a quiet mind
and I… I…

Do you think of me?

I kissed her on the cheek today
And she smiled; I feel like a child!
My heart gives me chills; I have butterflies –
there’s a light at the end of the dark
and it’s the smell of her skin


There’s nothing more complete than the scent of her hair or
the taste of her lips while gazing into her green deep eyes…
nothing more complete than almost touching her skin –
almost afraid that this connection might turn the universe
to chaos – eventually succumbing it in darkness…

He never kissed her – maybe he will – yet there’s no other
dream more sweet, more ecstatic, more thrilling than
foreseeing the duel between the roses and the perfume
of a live candle; before everything collapses to the final


With every page I read, the chills are turning back Stronger and stronger, like every little word Is yet another key, another door, another stack; new wonders  to discover, new wanderings to sort It feels so peaceful in this pages; the stories of a boy and a girl yet to discover...

With every page I read, the ch...

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Your world

I’ve never been to your world –
the pages I have; they’re so few…
Would be a bless to learn of
Your blossom in this rose’s garden

Though time there is, I start to wonder;
descending near you – leaving
my endless world of nonsense…
Would ever help in growing a new path


If I could only show you
how fascinating roses are
when looking to your eyes

there is no shape of clay
I’m but an ordinary being
not knowing truly what to say
Yet knowing what he wishes for

there’s nothing but a dream to share

the key

I wish I had the key to every opening! I wish the stars would reach to me for every need! The sand would then become my slave Build castles in the blistering wind, raise mountains from the troubled sea and slowly reach the dreams within and slowly earn ...

I wish I had the key to every ...

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A thief I am… I should be

To meet again; to feel the bare scent of her skin
I’d beg today – even pretend to close my lips to …
I pray there be a day when I will feast
and feel the shivering taste;
her wondrous neck…

I dream to barely touch; to steal…
A thief I am… I should be; so call me thief –
for there I am, always in front of you;
stealing the things you would not cede


I dear to dream, yet I'm the nightmare pouring darkness into your little spark of light...

I dear to dream, yet I'm th...

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Do you really know?

I’m nothing but the watcher bid to see; never to touch!

I’m nothing but the child never to live nor tell his tales!
Not yet his time! NOT yet his time…
NOT YET the time…
There is no world where I could hide the gaze of green!
There is no world where I could hide…
You know! It terrifies me that you know; it’s not the time…
NOT YET the time…

Shell of a moment!

So we talk! Words after words flowing to the mid of night…
under the watch of the bitter of the Moon
I’m like an open book, until, each time,
we get to wonder the past;
And once again I gaze into the green…

Wish we could remain in the mid of the night,
shell of a moment!

Si vorbim! Cuvintele curg chiar si dupa ceasurile miezului din noapte…

What do you dream?

Still, the wine has an end. And the green dress
remains only a dream – one of the many;
The roses at your neck have the shape of a black orchid

So afraid I will not be able to tell you;
afraid I will never see the red moons,
afraid I will never gaze into the green…
And never the less I’m afraid!

Afraid I will never be able to tell you my dreams.

My last …

Having another look; my last! The sky in your eyes…
the ginger hair and the body so thin;
You’ll never know how close the edge …
You’re changing! everyhing changes again; your eyes, the hair, the body
al over again, and again… so many shadows; as many as the dreams!
So peaceful; it’s the quiet before the storm –
but the storm has become me and I am the string that holds
all of you in this useless oath of silence…
Te privesc inca odata. Albastrul ochilor dai,
parul de foc si trupul atat de fin si usor…

The nightmares…

The nightmares are back! The ones of forever changing shadows;

they’re calling me back to the sheets of lust…
The table of silence is back! The only words, though,
are the mute sounds of my lonely howls!
You’re nothing but a ghost!  The demon that I cannot hate;
Yet I will never love again.
You have become a ghost

Au revenit cosmarurile umbrelor ce se transforma mereu;

The little roses

Watching you sip from the red wine startles my heart
I do not know if our silence or our inner gaze,
or if our long talks, our game of words
born from  the need to tease, do startle me
as if I am a bare child waiting for a gift!

I wonder whether one of us does care about
the talk. We let it flow…
We test each other; how far can we go
Should there be safety words for us!

So peaceful near you

So peaceful near you, holding your red wine glass;
sitting so close to the edge of this eighteen floor balcony…

More peaceful than my secret inner gardens,
or the bossom of the wildest forest; where
I can always become the freedom craving beast
or the hunter forever in love with his pray..
More peaceful than
the calm sweet silence of a kiss…