Art of Life – Dragos Cirjan
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Intre noi si pamant

Intre noi si pamant erau luna si cerul si norii si mormantul lui Dumnezeu Copii jucau aievea, rugi Tu arzi precum vapaia unui rug si dansul in care ma inchin...

Intre noi si pamant erau luna...

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Larg închis

Spunea ca şi-a închis ochii şi a uitat cerul printre pântece - hăul l-a cuprins în căderea-i spre ea - Înnebunit, şi-a pironit sinele în vârful cel mai de sus - sub sine Miroase a ploaie rânceda, spunea - parfum de roşu revărsat din trupul ultimului înger a cărui amintire hâdă am păstrat-o...

Spunea ca şi-a închis ochii ...

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Pictand Rasarituri

For days that I'm calling you The light of the day is true Yes, we're hopeless Do you think we lost it? Purtand o carte veche-n buzunarul hainii Cu ochii-n rasarit, in umbra unei feline albe Ingenuncheat in urma unei soapte… Penita scrijelind hartia - infuriata de propriul strigat In...

For days that I'm calling you ...

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I wonder which of you I desire more –
the one who struggles till the bitter end;
she who fights alone to bear an entire world
Or the dreamy girl, beyond all that –
the one I always see, but hidden beyond
the great and darken fortress walls…
And only with the corner of the eye –

The truth is I desire you both

Ruga fara nume

Cum as putea sa desenez fluturi
In calea unui fir de vis, ce moare –
Cum as putea sa-ti arat sufletul
Cand l-am inchis dupa atatea gratii
Cum as putea sa-ti intind mana intru izbavire
Cand singura icoana de-am sa pot s-o port
E bestia informetata sadindu-si cuib in mine…

Mi-am tatuat visul pe spate in propriul sange
Caci nebunia mi-a ramas ca ultim loc in care


As vrea sa-ti pot fura ochii
Cu lingura! Sa ma pot privi,
apoi, prin ochii tai. Si-apoi,
sa-i mananc cu-o pofta de lup –
Pentru ca n-as putea suporta

Mereu zambind, si nici macar amar
As vrea sa poti sa urli! Sa-mi poti
spune ca nu voi fi eu – nici tu –


S-a nascut cand metafora
n-a mai putut tine loc cuvantului
Cand timpul s-a rupt – in doua,
apoi in noua, in saptezeci si noua

A muscat apoi, cu pofta, din viata,
cand noi incepeam sa ne stingem
Cand eu am ales, prefacut in apus,
sa ard – am dat foc mesei tacerii;
Singurul mod de a ma razvrati, de altfel


Trezit din cosmarul amar, isi aprinde o tigara
O privire lunga spre cafeaua cu aroma de migdale –
rece. A mai trecut un veac de cand au adormit imbratisati
Acum insa, vantul fluiera a pustiu in padurea fermecata,
iar ielele si-au crescut radacini – au imbatranit contopite-n desisuri

Si lupii-au fugit! Iar demonii… ei, demonii au uitat pasii de dans –
inecati in fum sacadat, un vals stalcit… al lepadarii de sine
s-au retras si ei – furia-i a murit, razboiul cu sine s-a stins;
Si-a scos unghiile si le-a aruncat iarasi in uitare – om…

Fluturi blestemati

Pluteam aieve-n umbra pasului marunt
Tu, agatata de bratele lui, eu – eu priveam
Albastrul cerului ochilor sai pervestea furtuna

Jocuri de cuvinte – intotdeauna cerul, ori pamantul…
Ori cerul… Nu exista oras sa-ncapa –
Tunetul, cand norii de sub noi, marunte…
atat de marunte si-atat de multe…
de fulgere-aruncate –
ganduri amare de-odinioara si-un pahar


A gamer’s last card…

So here’s the story, I tried so much to hide in plain sight –
With pen and paper… The way I never could tell you.
I’ll write it down now; will never have the courage to…

And even more… no matter how l put it; It ain’t good…

A boy, young, filled with dreams to grow into this wondrous man
nothing to shatter him, nor his beliefs; yet all he finds is hidden
in a dance; This world he had prepared for him is broken into pieces


Ne reintalnim, tarandu-ne ingenuncheati
pe sub pielea unei sanse pierdute…
Mi-e teama ca mi-au crescut unghiile prea mult
in tot acest timp si-acum pot scurma
toate povestile acelea fara sens in trupul tau amar…
Trecut; ziduri ravasite ale unei minti rasucite –

the love letter

are you the one?; the only soul I’d lay my head on – tell my tale
love letters sent to all the stars; I picked the moon – (green eyes and an) apple of sin
I wish I were the whispers on your lips; the shivers of you touch
nightingale – no music needed while around you, since
all I feel is music; you’re but the muse desired – never reached and craved…

and all I fear can be hidden in your heart; this long craved home
lying in all the words, and all the deeds; and all the unseen longings
I wish I were your morning smile; your radiating warmth while waking up –
nevertheless a dream is nothing but a dream – a question with no answer

The Song

Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep
I’ve lived so many times this storyteller’s tale;
And every time it ended in the same
and it became the song of grief

So I became the storyteller;
Picked up some stars and shards and
wrapped them into tales so strong
That no one dared to challenge

The Falling

I wonder which of you I desire more –
the one who struggles till the bitter end;
she fights alone to bear an entire world

Or this dreamy girl, beyond all that –
one I always see, but hidden beyond
the great and darken fortress walls…
and only with the corner of the eye –

The truth is I desire both – No matter which one

The Craving

If only I could crawl into this heart
Make it a home! make it a heaven…
I crave it… I crave it! desire… and,
the most, I humbly fear this
If I can’t have… than may the night
be cold! Forever dark, and darker moons…

I do not dare to break this world of yours
Could it be understood; never to see…
Yet every moment seems another drop

The Tourment

The staying away! Not speaking…. Not telling how my heart jumps whenever…
I wish I could scream it! And yes, I’m so selfish! I say I and I again
and again! Not asking… Not daring to think
Not wanting to know the already obvious answer…

A thousand moons! An army of demons… the soul of a wolf
No curse… no magic stronger than the heart of another
The waltz has no purpose! The march lost its meaning
It only remains in the form of a nightmare
The pain that will never heal but will be forgotten…


It’s been a while since dreams…

I see myself with a pencil in my hand, while
white sheets are laying in front of my eyes…
Yet every time I end up throwing everything
in a humiliating rage! Blank!

It’s been a while! Maybe I exaggerated holding your hand
in that bright afternoon, while walking in the park
Maybe… I just refuse to see what is in front of me


Kill! Stab! Smash! Stab! Smash!
Smash! Cut his fucking throaght

Kill the beast and Spread his blood!
Fucking bastard! Why don’t YOU just die?

Don’t look hehind you! Don’t even dare
of showing mercy to the little crying offsprings
They’re next! Them with their red hair
and sky like eyes!


It’s been so long since we’ve been able to talk;
So long that I wonder yet again what you see in front of you
I even realized that I was aiming  too high and
that the perfume from your hands, now laying on mine,
its almost like a bless – such a small gift for a crazy man

It’s been so long since the first glass of wine,
or the glass of coke, or… since the world, as I see now
Yet there’s one world, one small universe, I’m still so far from
and I’m almost frightened I will never get to know


l know I’ve told you that for this next poem
l’m waiting for the right music;
Well… I haven’t found it. It seems l am unable
To feel other music than the one you
Somehow manage to feed me

No matter how far you are…

l wonder… If I’ll try to steall from you
This precious gift I crave so much for

I’m going back to the stars…

So! I think it’s time I quit talking babbles; even though
I’m pretty sure that every word I’m saying is like
an open book to you; like you are to me when I’m around you

It’s time I put this in the words of a man; not a lover
not a story teller; not a boy and certainly not a poet –
Poets are shallow these days… natural deceivers
So I’ll try to put this story in my own words.

There’s not a moment going by, that I don’t think of you


And why in the world would you want him
You do not need to fight for his love
you do not have to fight for him
He’ll always be there in the shadow
Waiting for you! Will he?

So go on! Have fun! Waiste yourself
Among the the first bourn of the demons
Play With the light of your blue eyes
Play! Play! Give yourself to the world!


He dreamt he rose her in his arms
Sorounded by the blossom trees
Her eyes were raining happiness
And she was gazing so in love…

He dreamt the passion of a kiss
A moment longer than Forever
yet this was all a dream of wine
And none of this would be…


Will you marry me?

She started packing things along the room;
While he was waiting on his knees
He thought he’ll never see her smile again
Got scared; than horrified he’d loose her –
So time was given for a choice – no repent
And then, when he’d expect it less
He saw the ring onto her hand – so shiny

the kiss

he’s waited so long for this kiss, a carnage
A feast between the dark and the holy
Each craving for the battle within

So he took her closer and closer,
grabbing her back with his claws;
cutting her flesh with his nails –
And he bit her neck till It drew blood
Such a feast in his thoughts
yet nothing but a small. sigh…

Do you think of me?

you give me a quiet mind
and I… I…

Do you think of me?

I kissed her on the cheek today
And she smiled; I feel like a child!
My heart gives me chills; I have butterflies –
there’s a light at the end of the dark
and it’s the smell of her skin


There’s nothing more complete than the scent of her hair or
the taste of her lips while gazing into her green deep eyes…
nothing more complete than almost touching her skin –
almost afraid that this connection might turn the universe
to chaos – eventually succumbing it in darkness…

He never kissed her – maybe he will – yet there’s no other
dream more sweet, more ecstatic, more thrilling than
foreseeing the duel between the roses and the perfume
of a live candle; before everything collapses to the final


With every page I read, the chills are turning back Stronger and stronger, like every little word Is yet another key, another door, another stack; new wonders  to discover, new wanderings to sort It feels so peaceful in this pages; the stories of a boy and a girl yet to discover...

With every page I read, the ch...

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