Java Media Framework vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG

+ This article is pretty deprecated. I do not say that the info here is false, but I would like to write a new article about this. Please leave me comments with what you want to know, and I will try do add more info to the article. And ofcourse, more sources.
+ A Romanian translation for this article is found here.

I really don”t think I”m either the first or the last to try and obtain images from and ip camera and than use them with JMF. So… after a few days of reading and trying to understand how JMF works, as I already had a JPEG/MJPEG grabber, here is my solutions:

As Chris Adamson explains in his article, Java Media Development with QuickTime for Java, to create a new JMF plugin you need to create two classes, one to extend DataSource and one to extend PushBufferStream or PullBufferStream from JMF. For DataSource I used PushBufferDataSource, which implements the parent class: DataSource.

The most important element is the fact that Datasource must be placed int a package named smth like this: (i.e.,,

For the DataSource class I used the example given by SUN in their ScreenGrabber, and I only modified the streaming class name. I won”t reveal the image grabing class, as SUN forum is allready filled with such examples, but I will reveal the streaming class under a surogated protocol I called htmjpeg. I”m sure it won”t take long to you to understant that the protocol is just a simple name, and can be easily changed in my example:

JMF MJPEG Plugin (for Download)

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  1. clay says:

    Dear sir,
    Could you please show the source of mjpegGrabber also?

    I counld not find mjpegGrabber from the SUN Forum.

    Thank you !

  2. admin says:

    I’m so sorry I didn’t answer sooner. I will email you all you need this evening, and soon I will post a new update of this article, with more details.

  3. dragos says:

    I think I debated about the same thing here:

  4. dragos says:

    I’ve decided to rewrite this article, but for now I do not have too much time for it. (I left this problem about an year ago, and I don’t work any more with JMF) If there is anyone interested in helping me it would be great.

    Here are some old hints I wrote on the SUN forum on that time:

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  6. dusan says:

    Can you reupload JMF MJPEG Plugin (for Download) please. It seems it doesn’t functioned.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. dragos says:

    Dusan, in the newer article I wrote about this things ( you have an SVN account from which you can download the code.

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