3DES Encryption with CFSCRIPT

Won’t comment much about it. We needed it, you may need it, so here it is:

Check also as an example here on trycf.com

Railo / ColdFusion – Writing Image to Outpout Stream

Hello guys, Needed to do this for a project my team is maintaining, but I could only find the solution for ColdFusion, which looks like this:

After consulting Railo documentation on GetPageContext method, we’ve come to the following result:

How it will be useful to you as well.

CFML Generating Random String

While working on one of my client’s projects, I’ve encountered the need of generating RANDOM strings. Since, as almost, any other language, Cold Fusion does not have any type of support for this functionality, I had to create a function of my own. Hope you find it useful.

Dumping object inside cfscript tag

I’ve been looking for this a few times now, until now i’ve found two interesting options. One is creating a cffunction of your own, and using it inside a cfscript afterwards: