Java Media Framework vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG – reviewed

NOTE: + I will try not to re-write again all the informations I already wrote in “Java Media Framwork vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG” a few years ago. This article is only a review of what I wrote back then, plus more info about my implementation of DataSource for JPEG/MJPEG IP Cameras.

Java Media Framework vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG

NOTE: + This article is pretty deprecated. I do not say that the info here is false, but I would like to write a new article about this. Please leave me comments with what you want to know, and I will try do add more info to the article. And ofcourse, more sources.

IP/TCP/UDP header vs C/C++

NOTE: This article is written in Romanian, for a translation please add me a comment. Ei bine… nu mare imi fu uimirea dupa ultimile proiecte / teme, mici aplicatii. Uimirea ca habar nu am sa scriu un header tcp. Toata povestea a plecat de la o tema pentru facultate. Un modul de kernel linux/windows care…