Atom – Changing ATOM_HOME

How many of you didn’t try to make a propert IDE from Atom by now. Let me tell you. From many many many many (I forgot how many) points of view, it’s one of the best text editors out there. And yes, with a little work, the right plugins and a lot of think through,…

Resetting Atom IDE

Too often now, my Atom setup fails to load giving the following message: Not a permanent solution, but one to help you move on, is resetting the window state.

3DES Encryption with CFSCRIPT

Won’t comment much about it. We needed it, you may need it, so here it is:

Check also as an example here on

Railo / ColdFusion – Writing Image to Outpout Stream

Hello guys, Needed to do this for a project my team is maintaining, but I could only find the solution for ColdFusion, which looks like this:

After consulting Railo documentation on GetPageContext method, we’ve come to the following result:

How it will be useful to you as well.

CFML Generating Random String

While working on one of my client’s projects, I’ve encountered the need of generating RANDOM strings. Since, as almost, any other language, Cold Fusion does not have any type of support for this functionality, I had to create a function of my own. Hope you find it useful.

Zend framework 2 generating route url with domain name

Nothing more than this little line of code:

Of course, you need to call it within a code zone where you can invoke the URL helper. What you see above, assumes that you are in a .phtml file invoked by a controller’s action.

Dumping object inside cfscript tag

I’ve been looking for this a few times now, until now i’ve found two interesting options. One is creating a cffunction of your own, and using it inside a cfscript afterwards:

window.setTimeout call functions with parameters / DOM vs MSDN vs MDN

One of my latest WTFs came from a javascript diference between the MSDN (yes… Microsoft Developer Network) and the rest of the world which may actually follow the latest DOM description. Even though, still presents this as MSDN does, I’m pretty sure the DOM evolved since. So let’s see:

Java Media Framework vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG – reviewed

NOTE: + I will try not to re-write again all the informations I already wrote in “Java Media Framwork vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG” a few years ago. This article is only a review of what I wrote back then, plus more info about my implementation of DataSource for JPEG/MJPEG IP Cameras.

Java Media Framework vs IP Camera JPEG/MJPEG

NOTE: + This article is pretty deprecated. I do not say that the info here is false, but I would like to write a new article about this. Please leave me comments with what you want to know, and I will try do add more info to the article. And ofcourse, more sources.

IP/TCP/UDP header vs C/C++

NOTE: This article is written in Romanian, for a translation please add me a comment. Ei bine… nu mare imi fu uimirea dupa ultimile proiecte / teme, mici aplicatii. Uimirea ca habar nu am sa scriu un header tcp. Toata povestea a plecat de la o tema pentru facultate. Un modul de kernel linux/windows care…